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Monday, May 30, 2011

Patrick Wolf - Together

"We can make it so much better"

I'm back! I had a wonderful time in New York City. Signed a bunch of books, met some cool people, saw some amazing shows and explored the city. I'd love to live there some day! While I was away, Patrick Wolf's new album poked its head into the blogosphere, and I was very eager to hear it. From all of the hype and excellent pre-album singles, I expected a new sound for him. A happier, poppier upbeat album of music. Unfortunately, for the most part the album sounds exactly like all of his others. Amidst the melodic highlights are a bunch of forgettable tracks that (at least upon the first few listens) aren't sticking with me. Who knows, maybe it will grow. His stuff usually takes some time. One album standout (and the song that I was looking most forward to hearing) is Together, which comes nearly at the end. It's Wolf's danciest song yet and doesn't fit at all with the other tracks. I wish he would've made an album that sounded just like this. His vocals coupled with a propulsive synth beat is really something special. But honestly, I don't think he's even looking for mainstream success anymore.
On another note, I'll have a full Lady Gaga Born This Way track-by-track review later this week (maybe tomorrow)!

Patrick Wolf - Together by Di69

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Anonymous gmisk said...

Terrific stuff as usual from him...he is electric live as well

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Derek said...

Hi Nick,

Is anyone else having problems loading your blog lately? For the past few weeks every time I visit it just kills my browser (Firefox 4). It takes forever to load and freezes the browser completely.

I think it's because you have soooo many YouTube and Soundcloud etc links all trying to load at once.

Have you thought about limiting the number of blog entries that appear on the 'front' page?

I'd hate to have stop visiting your blog...but it's becoming a bit of a nuisance (and yes, it is only your blog that does this...)


5:59 AM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

I'm sorry - but this statement is bollocks!
None of his albums sounds the same: from the electric and dark "Lycantrophy" to the folky "Wind In The Wires", the poppy "Magic Position".
And talking about dancy tracks - what about "Accidenst And Emergeny", "Vulture"oder even "Bloodbeat".
I know everybody has a right for an own opinion - but get teh facts straight!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I downgraded the amount of posts on the main page. Hopefully that helps :)

I never said that each album sounded the same. But the past few albums have had a handful of tracks that are, to me, all pretty interchangeable. Midtempo, with a focus on vocals and atmosphere and (for me) a lack of immediacy.
I love all of the "dance songs" you mentioned, but Together is a completely different sort of track than any of those, and the type I'd like to see him explore further.

5:22 PM  

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