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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Son Of A Kid - Like You

"She asked me what my dreams were"

My beloved Set Fire Run (formerly known as Dyno) have changed their name yet again and are now Son Of A Kid. They've been a little vague about the reasoning behind this and what exactly it means, but it seems as if there's been a bit of shift in focus from the trio towards more of an individual artist. I could be wrong, though. What's important is that the music's still coming. Along with the name change, we've got a new song. Like You has been recorded in both a Son of a Kid version and a Set Fire Run version. Not being one to let things go easily, I'm a bit obsessed with the Set Fire Run recording. As usual, the standard's incredibly high. It might not be 100% commercial or trendy, but this is real pop music. Let's hope the third time's the charm and these guys break out the way they deserve to!

Like You (Set Fire Run version) by sonofakid

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