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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Movie Blitz 7/6/11

A quick Movie Blitz today, and a bit of a review sandwich (you'll see as you read... it's very symmetrical)

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Oh my. Let me preface this by saying that the first movie in this series is one of my favorite action films of the last decade. The second is unwatchable. This one falls somewhere between the two, though far closer to the second than the first. The problem is, it's just a lot of noise lacking story. The humor's the worst it's ever been. The action's better, but without any meaning behind it, a 45-minute climactic battle becomes a bore. Is it sad that I dozed off multiple times while watching this last Friday? D+

Super 8
Yes, yes, yes! My favorite film of the summer so far. Everything Transformers lacked, this had in spades. Characterization, story, mystery, an aura and setting that felt real. Great cast, great suspense and a great, great movie. I didn't know they made them like this anymore! A

Green Lantern
I had a free ticket. I wouldn't have gone otherwise. The movie was about as bad as I was expecting, which was pretty darn bad. When the climax involves the titular character being chased through space by what looks like a giant, frowning hairball, you know you have a problem. D

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Anonymous pharmacy said...

I didn't know anything about that film. Where can I find it ?

9:21 AM  
Anonymous cialis online said...

OK will be honest, green lanter SUCK, transformer have a little change, is the same piece of trash but with a women with more hot lips, and finally "super 8" is not only the best movie of this season, is the best in the year!!!

6:35 AM  

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