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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wolf Gang - Stay And Defend

"What to do? Who to see?"

After months of waiting (and several push backs of the release date), Wolf Gang's album is out! It's a wonderful mix of old-school glam, electro and indie-rock. He really succeeds when it comes to lush, catchy hooks. Most songs have a grandiose sound to them, befitting his stage name. They're epic, but in a subtle way. The singles are the immediate standouts (I've decided that Lions In Cages is probably now my favorite), but there are some amazing album tracks as well. Stay And Defend out Mikas Mika. It's got that jolly piano-pop feel but some interesting vocal arrangements and production as well. There's definitely a psychedelic MGMT influence at work. It's a perfect example of what to expect on the album, as the sound throughout is very consistent. Beyond that, I feel a lot of potential. After a strong debut, I bet the second album is going to knock it out of the park.

Wolf Gang - Stay And Defend by alienhits

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Anonymous Scott M said...

Hey Nick...long time no talk. I've had an extremely busy year but I can't not make a comment on Mr. McElligott's fine album release. Wasn't it ages ago in February he first unleashed the killer singles I guided you to?

Anyway, after hearing the whole thing, I have to say the gorgeous title track is my favorite. Why? Cause it evokes classic 70s Supertramp moments like Fools Overture (and they are one of my favorite all-time bands). I wish Roger and Rick would just make up already and reform...

Well done Max, well done.

Oh...btw...I have a lot of great material I've run across I'll share with you real soon--including a great synthpop album you may have missed by the daughter of a very famous musician...and a peek into the amazing Aussie music scene as well (at least three of my favorite recent albums come from the land down under).

4:27 PM  

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