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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fixers - Swimmhaus Johannesburg

"You're running so fast"

I heard this on the radio for the first time over the weekend and was instantly hooked. Researching the band further, it seems that this is a bit of a departure for them, aimed more at the dancefloor than their past work. They've yet to release a full album, and I'm hoping that when they do, it'll veer towards this sound. Swimmhaus Johannesburg might not be the most obvious pop song title, but once you hear this, you'll be unable to pry it from your head. the melody's completely strong and the warped vocals very interesting, but I think it's the touches of guitar that I like the most. The whole thing has an experimental vibe about it, but doesn't sacrifice accessibility. I think this will serve the band well. I can see them pulling a Foster The People and jumping from indie to mainstream pretty quickly.

Fixers - Swimmhaus Johannesburg by cooldelta

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