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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Skyship Academy: The Music - Day Four

Day Four! Today we're staying at the Academy and focusing on one of Jesse's two closest friends aboard the school:


Who: fifteen-year-old trainee at the Academy ** easygoing, with a love for training scenarios and battles ** speaks with remnants of a British accent - Jesse calls it a "Skandar accent"


The Galvatrons - The First Starfighter
Given his obsession with battle (or at least what he thinks battle would be like), this track is definitely something that would appeal to Skandar. It chronicles the plight and eventual victory of the starfighter in the title. But more than that, it does so in such an overblown, epic, romanticized way. This is definitely how Skandar sees war, and deep down he'd love to be like the victorious homecomers in this track. This leads him to some rash decisions.

Battles - Atlas
I include this song because I think it's something that Skandar would totally listen to. It's simple, repetitive and kind of ridiculous. He's not exactly a scholar, but he makes up for it in positivity, loyalty and a bit of a strange side. The lyrics are so unintelligible, yet I can see him being interested in deciphering their meaning in the hope that it would lead him to some sort of glory.

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