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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Skyship Academy: The Music - Day Three

Day Three is upon us! Today, I'll focus on Avery, the "unattainable" (as he puts it) girl of Jesse's dreams:


Who: seventeen-year-old post-grad transferred to Skyship Academy several years ago ** works in the ship's library after failing to attain Pearl agent-status ** known for sneaking around the ship, looking for trouble


Pacific! - Break Your Social System
Avery's selections are more laid-back and downtempo to reflect her personality. Her "whatever" attitude to life is the opposite of Jesse's more worried approach. She's also very much the rebel on Skyship Academy, refusing to blindly follow the rules and regulations. The Academy is home to many dark nooks and crannies, perfect for sneaking around. She takes full advantage, sometimes to her and Jesse's detriment. This track highlights that rebellious personality.

Donkeyboy - Sometimes
There's also a darker side to Avery. She's haunted by her past -- a past Jesse knows very little about. This is what initiates their friendship. As pitiful as Jesse can be sometimes, he's the only one on the Academy that can make her laugh. The lyrics in the chorus of this song, especially, describe the essence of this relationship (a relationship Jesse wishes would go further - Avery is a little more vague about her own wishes).

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Anonymous Pranav said...

"Sometimes" by Donkeyboy has been a "not so guilty" pleasure of mine for a while. I liked it way better than "Ambitions".

9:48 PM  

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