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Friday, August 26, 2011

Tove Styrke - Call My Name

"I'll be waiting over the border"

I am so proud of Sweden for embracing Tove Styrke. She was so obviously the highlight of her year of Swedish Idol, but my favorites don't always become the country's favorites. In this case, even though she finished third, she's carved out quite a nice little career for herself. Her debut (despite being uneven) spawned three hits, and now we're ready for round two. If this (I'm assuming it's the lead single?) is anything to go by, then I am very excited for the new album. She's gone just a bit rockier with this track. Gone are the icy, experimental electronics that characterized many of the older tracks. Instead, this is pure, BIG pop music. It's built on a repetitive hook but doesn't rest on it. In fact, the verses may be my favorite part. Like most Swedish pop songs, they just get it right.

Tove Styrke - Call My Name by NOiSEiT

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