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Thursday, September 01, 2011

The 10 Best Singles By... BWO

I'm launching a new feature today, and with Martin Rolinski's excellent solo single on the rise and an album right around the corner, what better artist to start with than Sweden's incomparable electro-poppers BWO. They're a remarkably consistent band, but what are their ten best singles? Find out here!

10. Give Me The Night (2007) - Taking a harder-edged 80's influence, this track was the highlight of their third album, Fabricator.

9. Right Here, Right Now (2009) - It wasn't the first time they'd gone choral, but this stunning album opener proved that they had mastered it. Their last great single.

8. We Could Be Heroes (2006) - Their ballads have always been excellent, but this one introduced a new, poppier version of the band. That chorus!

7. Lay Your Love On Me (2008) - This Madonna-esque Melodifestivalen entry cemented their status as pop legends in Sweden. It's gargantuan. The outfits, too, were some of their best.

6. Temple Of Love (2006) - One of the clubbiest singles the band has released, this was more of a continuation of the first album than the poppier side of the second. An enormous hit.

5. Chariots Of Fire (2006) - The first time the band flirted with what could be called a "choral arrangement." It beefed up their sound big time. Excellent song, hilarious video.

4. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (2005) - The first BWO track I ever heard, and still one of my favorites. It's so silly, yet so confident in its ridiculousness.

3. Open Door (2005) - The single that ultimately sold me on the band and prompted me to buy their first album. It's just a gorgeous, sweeping ballad. Sometimes simplicity is best.

2. Conquering America (2004) - This has risen in stature with each passing year for me. It contains perhaps their catchiest hook and a sledgehammer of a beat. If only the lyrics had come true! I love the boastfulness of their early work.

1. Sunshine In The Rain (2005) - I will never get enough of this song. It's such an odd concoction of electronics, Beach Boy-esque background vocals and hand claps. it's utter perfection, and definitely the best single of their career.

So there you go! But here's the thing, no list is complete without hearing what you think! Leave your top ten BWO songs in the comments! I'd love to compile responses into an ultimate list!

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Anonymous Dominik said...

The only BWO album I own is "Fabricator" and I loooooove it! Fave song has to be "Save my pride".

First BWO song I ever heard was "Sixteen..." as well! <3

12:38 AM  

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