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Friday, September 16, 2011

Caotico & Tove Styrke - Brains Out

"The air was filled with the scent of dumb lovers"

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. It was my Book Launch Author Event, so it was a very busy (but fun!) day. But now I'm back with a song. A SONG, all in caps. It's that good. This is the kind of single I listen to and I just wanna run to the nearest rooftop and proclaim its brilliance. This reminds me of the Swedish alt pop music I fell so deeply in love with all those years ago. It's just brilliant. Half of that brilliance comes from the always reliable Tove Styrke (when the hell is her new album out?) and the other half is thanks to newcomers Caotico. They're the kind of cool pop band (they look awesome in the video, might I say) that only Sweden can produce. Like an edgier the Similou. The subject of the song is absolutely filthy and the chorus is not something that you're gonna want to play in front of your kids, but none of that really matters to me. It's not about the lyrics (as funny/direct as they are). It's totally the melody and production. There's a huge Prince influence, but it's set against a bubbly electo-pop beat that's just dripping with attitude. Honestly, this song might single-handedly restore my faith in the Swedish indie scene. Do yourself a favor and listen!! The video's pretty damn awesome, too.

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Anonymous JeffC said...

TOTALLY agree!! :O)

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