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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Example - Skies Don't Lie

"Just hold my hand, don't let go"

So for me, Example's new album has turned out pretty much just like his last one. A handful of really, really excellent songs, and some that I just don't care for. I would say that the quality is a lot higher on this new one and there are six huge standouts rather than the four on the last album, but I was really hoping for something that hit me hard from beginning to end. With that being said, what works does so very well, and melding these six tracks (Changed The Way You Kissed Me, Midnight Run, Skies Don't Lie, Stay Awake, Microphone & Lying To Yourself -- if you were curious) with the older four make an epic ten-track album. Skies Don't Lie opens the new album with a grand, dramatic flourish. It's got an interesting structure, building to--rather than jumping off with--a dynamic, anthemic chorus that carries on until the end of the track. It's the kind of massive sound Example does better than any other popular artist right now. An album of this would be amazing! Maybe next time...

Example - Skies Don't Lie by foofaika

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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