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Monday, September 05, 2011

Kyla La Grange - Heavy Stone

"Hide me safe away"

I'm really taken with this song. It's not necessarily the type of thing I usually post, but like Florence + The Machine, Kyla melds her folk sensibilities with an epic scope and pop production. Her vocals are very reminiscent of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks (with whom she's garnered a lot of comparisons). It's weird. I've never been much of a fan of Fleetwood Mac, but Stevie Nicks-esque vocals are probably my favorite "female sound" in pop. Add that to a lush, hypnotic song that builds and builds in grandeur, and you've got something very special (stay until the end... it gets massive). This is the type of track that sounds like it could've been floating around in the ether for hundreds of years. It's got that timeless, folk quality to it. I also think it's the type of song that would appeal to anybody. Pop fans will like it, folk fans will like it, country fans will like it. Hip hop fans? Maybe not. But then again, maybe that's why it's so refreshing. Best of all, she's got it up for free download through her soundcloud page!

Heavy Stone by Kyla La Grange

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Blogger Phoebe North said...

Oh wow, this is terrific. It reminds me a bit of Concrete Blonde, but with a folk bent.

10:46 AM  

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