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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rating the New Shows - The Fall TV Season So Far

Previously, I wrote a post highlighting the top ten new TV shows I was most excited about this Fall. I've managed to watch most of the pilots now (some haven't yet premiered, and a couple are still on my DVR) and here's what I think:

1. X-Factor
I knew the most about this going in, since I've been watching the show internationally for years. I like how the audition rounds are shortened and I love the judges (though Cheryl should've stayed over Nicole). The only downside is that the thing seems almost too glossy compared to its companions around the world. Still love it, though, and it's undoubtedly this Fall's appointment show. A-

2. Terra Nova
Who knows if it'll be able to keep up the pace in the episodes to come, but I was very, very happy with the pilot. Sure, it's got its cliche moments, but the sheer audacity of the project more than makes up for that. The entire 2-hour premiere had me hooked. That's rare. A-

3. Ringer
A disappointment. Cheesy, and not in the good way. But more than that, I was just a little bored. I still love Sarah Michelle Gellar, but she needs better material. C+

4. American Horror Story
Haven't seen yet. Looking forward to it!

5. The Playboy Club
The pilot started out promising, but by the mid-way point my attention was flagging. There just doesn't seem to be enough substance to make it interesting. B-

6. Revenge
I loved this! I've yet to see the second episode, but the pilot was the perfect mix of soap opera drama and tension. Madeleine Stowe MAKES this show. (and for anyone reading my book, she'd make and excellent Madame.) A

7. Once Upon A Time
Not on yet, but I hope it's good!

8. Pan Am
Still on my DVR. I'll watch the pilot eventually, but it's not compelling me to do so at this point.

9. The Secret Circle
It's like an old-school WB show, but not as good. Or maybe I'm just getting too old. I like the premise and most of the cast (some of the acting was dodgy), but it had a sense of "been there, done that" to it. B-

10. Suburgatory
I hated this pilot at first, but it ended up changing my opinion towards the end. It's still got a ways to totally convert me, but I'm sticking with it. B

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