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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Watch X-Factor Tonight

In honor of the premiere of X-Factor USA tonight, I thought it'd be prudent to list ten of the ways that it's so much better than American Idol. I'm an X-Factor nut and have watched the UK series for the past six years. I may have even dabbled in the Australian and Danish versions, but let's keep that between us. Bottom line: you'd be a fool if you didn't tune in tonight. Here's why...

1. Production Value
You thought American Idol was big? X-factor's ten times bigger. Think the Roman Colosseum of talent shows. The money just oozes off the screen. Not only that, but during the live shows there's staging! Dance routines! Costumes! It's like an actual TV performance.

2. The Judges aren't just Judges
They're mentors to the contestants (each judge gets a category). Giving them a vested interest in their competitors leads to all sorts of drama, arguments and strategy.

3. Live Audience Auditions!
In the preliminary stages, contestants have to audition in front of a crowd of thousands (and whatever friends/family they might have brought). I was against this at first, but it brings a whole new energy to the show.

4. It's not just a Singing Competition
As the title states, the show's as much about finding someone with star potential as it is about finding someone with a dynamite voice. For all of those who are sick of personality-devoid belters (like me), this is a very good thing.

5. No Stupid Eliminations
While voters decide the bottom two, those contestants have a sing-off in front of the judges to see who's going home. This eliminates any undeserved "shock" exits.

6. It's got its own Move
You'll see people doing it. Forearms crossed in front of you, "x" style.

7. The "Novelty" Contestant
Every year, one performer/group seems to get through to the live shows just because they're so entertainingly bad. It's like a tradition. If you thought Sanjaya was something, you should've seen Wagner on last year's UK X-Factor!

8. The Theme Song
It's gonna stick in your head like crazy, as is the giant flying X. You'll know what I mean soon enough...

9. Groups!
Yeah, the younger and older contestants are entertaining, too, but it's the groups that make the show really interesting. In fact, some of the biggest stars to come out of the series so far have been groups (even though a group has never won).

10. It's Got Simon Cowell
Does this really need any explanation? A singing show isn't really a singing show without Simon.

Extra Point: You Might See Me!
Yep, I was in the audience for part of the Seattle auditions. And they told us we were in the "on-air" zone. It'll probably be small and blurry, but if I see my head on TV you bet you'll hear about it on this blog the next day!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ban all pepsi products ban all sony products, ban everything ever connected to the x factor it was the worst thing i have ever seen on tv

5:45 AM  

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