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Friday, November 11, 2011

Natalia Kills - Kill My Boyfriend

"He's only nice when there's somebody there"

I've slowly come around to Natalia Kills. At first I thought she was the poor man's Lady Gaga (but the British version, which should technically be much cooler). I'm all for more theatricality in pop music, but nobody wants a copycat. Luckily, with every single she releases, Natalia is carving out an identity all her own. Wonderland was excellent (but still very Gaga), Free was, for me, the turning point. It's an excellent pop song in its own right. And now, with Kill My Boyfriend, she's ready for her first big hit. If everything goes well, this should be the song that introduces her to a bigger audience. It's cheeky without being annoying, but more importantly it has an undeniably catchy melody that hits you on the first listen. I love the mix of tones here... playful at one moment and then sleazy the next. Of course, with the title of this song and her stage name, people are gonna get the wrong idea about this girl!

Natalia Kills - Kill My Boyfriend by Marco_g2

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Anonymous gmisk said...

Absolute rubbish......Mirrors is probably her best song by a mile her album is patchy to say the least...The fact that she now talks with some faux american accent also puts me off her

5:44 AM  

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