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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Rhydian - The Promise

"If you'll wait around awhile, I'll make you fall for me"

While the winner of the 2007 UK X-Factor has faded into obscurity, the runner-up, Rhydian Roberts, has quietly carved out a nice little pop opera career for himself. I loved him on the show, but only when he did the crossover songs--pop or rock with just a taste of opera. Because of this, his first two albums weren't of much interest to me. They could've been released by someone like Josh Groban and I probably wouldn't have noticed the difference. But for his third full-length, Rhydian's done something very special. He's recorded an entire album of obscure 80's covers. It's the perfect move, really, and something I always hoped he'd do. This track was originally a single (their only successful one) by British pop group When In Rome in 1988. Rhydian sounds great on the track. He amps up the tempo a bit and takes the track to the dancefloor. In some ways, it's got a strong Malena Ernman La Voix sound to it. I could imagine something like this going down very well in a venue like Melodifestivalen.

02 The Promise by ConeheadUK

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