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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Track-by-Track: Cher Lloyd - Sticks & Stones

Post X-Factor albums are always an interesting prospect. More a chance to establish an artist's sound and image than an actual, cohesive album, they're best judged on their own standards. And using this criteria, Cher Lloyd's debut is definitely a success. Room for growth, but a success nonetheless.

1. Grow Up - A good, extremely catchy opening. The melody in the chorus reminds me of the Toys R Us jingle, which cracks me up (and is even funnier since Lloyd samples a lot throughout this album). The cameo from Busta Rhymes is also a nice little trip back to the 90's. 8/10

2. Want U Back - If this isn't a single, Lloyd's management are crazy. From the very first listen, it's a bonafide smash. The grunting noises totally make it. 10/10

3. With Ur Love - This is the track that made me come around to Cher's music career. It's laidback, subtly addictive and very cool. it wouldn't make a bad US single, either. Mike Posner's sort of extraneous, but doesn't detract. 10/10

4. Swagger Jagger - This fits much better in the context of the album, though the choice of sample still irks me. The production is great, though. A guilty pleasure. 8/10

5. Beautiful People - The last perfect track on the album. This is a great ballad and suits Lloyd's voice very well. It works alright as a duet with Carolina Liar, but probably would have been just as effective if she sang it alone. 10/10

6. Playa Boi - This song succeeds because of its excellent sample. That being said, the original song is miles more creative. I wish she would have just done a straight cover rather than augment it with some pretty lame lyrics. Still, that chorus melody is always welcome. 9/10

7. Superhero - A more laidback facet of Cher's sound, this has a very catchy melody and some nice lyrics. Even so, it's the first track to feel slightly underwhelming. 8/10

8. Over The Moon - A cutesy, nursery-rhyme sounding chorus battles with harder edged, rapped verses. It works surprisingly well, though the hook can quickly go from endearing to irritating. 8/10

9. Dub On The Track - The hardest track on the album, this is pretty much rap, dubstep, grime... all of that stuff thrown together. It's Cher's "street" side. It goes on too long, but it's not bad. 8/10

10. End Up Here - My least favorite track. That's not to say it's bad, but it certainly doesn't do anything interesting. It's pretty much the standard midtempo post-Ryan-Tedder pop/r&b track. Nothing more, nothing less. 7/10

* Worth noting are the album's two bonus tracks, the gorgeous cover of "Stay" and "Talk That," which should probably have been on the album as well.

Album Grade: 8.6/10

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