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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Niki & The Dove - The Drummer

"It is what makes me human"

I haven't gotten a chance to throw my two cents in about Sweden's Niki & The Dove yet. They're one of the BBC's Sounds of 2012 selections, which usually means very little to me (their choices tend to be on the more boring and overpraised side). But Niki & The Dove are very interesting. Like fellow Swedes The Knife, their music fuses electronic elements with alien-like, challenging pop soundscapes. They're a little more mainstream than the Knife or Fever Ray, but still delightfully weird. While I think their excellent single DJ, Ease My Mind will be the one to break them through to a more mainstream audience, I prefer The Drummer by just a hair. I love its chaotic, frantic energy. My favorite part? The creepy guy's voice chanting "human" after the chorus. I really can't get enough of it!

The Drummer by Niki & The Dove

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Anonymous Shohag B. said...

nice one indeed ! great !

10:29 PM  

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