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Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Glen Burtnick - Follow You

"Now my heart beats like a drummer"

There are just so many minor 80's hits that deserve legendary status, which is the biggest reason I started doing this Flashback Friday feature. Glen Burtnick released one of these should've-been-major-hits in 1987. It sounds quite a bit like Bryan Adams, though (barring Summer of '69) it's better than any of his material. In fact, I'd wedge this right between Summer and Journey's Don't Stop Believing and you'd have an epic ten plus minutes of AOR. It just has the classic, carefree singalong melody that's missing from so much of today's music. It's a pity Burtnick couldn't find more mainstream success on his own (though he was a member of uber-successful group Styx). Interesting fact: Burtnick's name has now been changed to Burtnik. I wonder what the point of losing the "c" was?

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Blogger Scott Stebleton said...

You've managed to highlight another of my middle-school favorites! I loved this song, and the album he did with Styx remains one of my favorites—especially the acoustic, sadly melodic "All In a Day's Work".

1:51 PM  

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