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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Night Only - Hurricane

"I'm young, I'm on the rise"

So, last year the UK band One Night Only apparently released a third album. It's mysterious, though, because its availability seems to be scarce and tied (weirdly) up with Coca Cola advertising. In fact, more than anything it appears to be a tie-in to their little-known Coke single Can You Feel It Tonight. It's all very strange. That said, it's also got some great songs on it. Now, full disclosure: while I've loved the band's singles, I've never really enjoyed one of their albums start-to-finish. This one's no different, but there are definitely a few standouts worth mentioning. Hurricane opens the album in a stunning fashion, with epic instrumentation and an overall sound that reminds me of Keane in their Perfect Symmetry days. One day I'm going to compile the perfect One Night Only album. This would definitely be on it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nick- do you know where to find this album? I've been searching to no avail so far. What other songs are on it? Thanks for any help! -Terry Reagan, Marcellus NY (I loved your book!)

3:56 AM  

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