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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stereo Explosion - Shake Shake (Disko)

"I said it once and I'm gonna say it again"

Now that the Ark has split up, it's time for the spin-off projects. The first is Stereo Explosion, which actually existed in a slightly different form before the Ark. The group consists of 4/6's of the Ark (missing Sylvester the drummer and, of course, Ola). That said, the sound is a little different than the Ark. It's more straight-up 70's rock without the theatrical elements that we all loved so much about the Ark. Shake Shake is a song that was released years and years ago, but it's back now in a spiffed up version. I actually posted about the original right when this blog started six years ago. Of the new three tracks they've released this week, this old one is definitely the best. Unfortunately, its dance/disco-oriented sound seems to be a red herring. It's completely different to the others. But I'm hoping that this catches on so that they're steered more towards this specific genre.

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