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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Milla Jovovich - Electric Sky

"You know I'll always wait for you"

Actors turned singers is always a dicey proposition, though it seems to be happening more often nowadays. But when I heard that Milla Jovovich was coming out with an EP of her own, I was definitely interested. Ever since I saw The Fifth Element when I was younger, I've been a big admirer of her work. To use a word that I absolutely hate, she's "fierce." In all the best ways. Luckily, her music's pretty good, too. She's adopted a Goldfrapp sound, circa 2005 when the band was at their sleekest and most popular. An electronic pulse sets off the track and from then on out it's a cool, smooth electro pop number. Not the kind of thing that's going to set the radio on fire, but something that's definitely credible and fits Jovovich's personality. I can't wait for the video! I hope this is the general direction she'll be going with the EP and eventual album.

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Blogger Gumby said...

Are you unfamiliar with her 90's album? "The Divine Comedy"? I really enjoyed the single "Gentleman Who Fell"

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Northwest Concert and Events Blog said...

Milla is a great actress. I have seen a lot of her movies especially, the Resident Evil series.

6:35 AM  

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