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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ze! - I Am Glam

"I am what I am"

This is an interesting case of a little-known indie artist with a song that I think could have crossed over big time with the right promotion. Ze! is from Kuala Lumpur (which is a first for this blog, I think) and makes off-kilter electro punk in the vein of Santigold or a slightly poppier M.I.A. Her album's on soundcloud for streaming, and although I can't say I love many of the tracks, this one (the opener and title track) is huge. It's shrieky and shouty in all the right ways, but accessible enough that I could picture it soundtracking an itunes commercial or something. If nothing else, it's certainly a jolt of punky energy. It'll wake you up, and would sound very refreshing on the radio. More than that, though, Ze!'s got the crazy 80's image all sewn up. Here's hoping more listeners catch on.

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