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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dragonette - Rocket Ship

"You pin me like a poster to the wall"

I've meant to post this song for so long now. In fact, it's been floating around my computer for about a month. I think I've waited so long that I'm not even "late" anymore. Instead, hopefully I'll catch those readers who missed this track when it first surfaced. Anyway, Dragonette are preparing for the release of their anticipated third album (which needs to come out... stat!). As part of that preparation, they teased us with Rocket Ship, a new album track. Despite the propulsive title, the song is more of a squiggly midtempo electro number. It's got that shiny bubblegum pop sound that the band specialize in, yet it also has moments of edge that are pure Dragonette. Best of all, you can download it free via the embedded soundcloud player below!

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