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Monday, October 01, 2012

Melody Club - Let's Celebrate

"I will follow you through the night"

Instead of releasing a new album (grr...), Alienhits favs Melody Club have put out a Best Of collection. Now, I understand that this is a necessary step for any band who've been lucky to last more than a couple of studio albums, but I really want more new stuff from them! Luckily, there are two new tracks on the Best Of. We've already heard Paralyzed, which was okay, and now we have Crossfire, which is better. It's pretty much classic Melody Club... kind of like Destiny Calling mixed with The Hunter. If, for some reason, you've not listened to any of Melody Club's material yet, I really envy the treat that you're in for when looking back at their Greatest Hits. There's a reason that they're part of my "Holy Trinity of Swedish Music." As the title of the album suggest, we need to celebrate their massive pop accomplishments--and look forward to a future that (hopefully) will be filled with more music.

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