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Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Top Ten Singles By... BigBang!

In the world of K-Pop, there is one band to rule them all. BigBang released the best Korean album of last year, and now that their leader G-Dragon is back with a new single, I thought it was a good time to look back on the band's discography.

10. Gara Gara Go! (2009) - Most of the group's English singles suck. This is only partially English (it's mostly Japanese), and it's pretty corny, but there's something about that beat. It's really difficult not to like, even though it seems so simplistic compared to what the band's doing now.

9. Tell Me Goodbye (2010) - A dramatic ballad with an equally cinematic video, this single has one of the group's most beautiful melodies in the verses. Taeyang shines on this, especially.

8. Dirty Cash (2006) - I have a real soft spot for this cheesy, rock-infused track. It sounds nothing like any of their other material, but that sugary pop melody is incredibly durable. Funny video, too.

7. Bad Boy (2012) - Revisiting one of the band's favorite themes, this is an addictive throwback to late 90's r&b/hip-hop with a sweet--if subtle--melody that brought the group to a new level of success.

6. Lies (2007) - The first track to really show off my favorite Bigbang sound--a mix of melancholic piano, rousing hip-hop and explosive production. The template for songs four, three and one on this list.

5. Blue (2012) - As soon as that comforting, seesaw instrumental kicks off, this song instantly soothes. Not their flashiest single, but certainly one of their most melodic.

4. Haru Haru (2008) - One of their biggest hits, and deservedly so. The combination of TOP's gruff rap and the explosively lush chorus is a masterstroke. One of their best videos, too.

3. Love Song (2011) - The band at their most confident and world-conquering. Achingly melodic, with an English hook that builds into a gorgeous, wordless post-chorus. Very dramatic.

2. Fantastic Baby (2012) - The band's biggest and best dance track, and likely the one that most newbies will find first. The huge sledgehammer beat and out-of-this-world visuals marked a new transition, especially in the post Gangnam Style landscape of K-Pop. But this came first, and it's better.

1. Monster (2012) - The song that sealed the deal for me. It's their most dramatic, most cinematic, most emotional and most gorgeously produced single to date. It's got me absolutely aching to see what they do next.

So there you go! But here's the thing, no list is complete without hearing what you think! Leave your top ten BigBang songs in the comments!

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