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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anton Ewald - Can't Hold Back

"Got me dizzy by the way that she moves"

Anton Ewald was probably the best surprise to come from this year's Melodifestivalen. In fact, I think he would've been the right one to represent Sweden and undoubtedly would've done better in Eurovision than Robin did. I still much prefer Ulrik Munther's song, but I've also been a longtime supporter of Anton's Beggin'. That song appears at the end of his just-released EP, and definitely holds up outside of the MF/Eurovision world. Releasing an EP instead of an album was a really smart decision, as such a short track list makes it much easier to keep the quality up. Honestly, the kind of music Anton's making isn't particularly groundbreaking. That's fine, but to an certain extent these songs could've come from Eric Saade, Danny, Darin or any other of his fellow Swedish popstars. Much of this kind of music often feels pretty anonymous, which makes quality control all the more important. And I'm happy to say that the five tracks on the EP are all at a high level. It's straightforward, trendy pop/r&b/dance, but the production and hooks are very solid. Other than Beggin, Can't Hold Back is the danciest of the songs, and even if it feels slightly familiar, there's no resisting a song like this. It's pretty massive.

Can't Hold Back by Anton Ewald on Grooveshark

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