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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Loreen - We Got The Power

"We got the power to love"

One year ago, Loreen rightfully took Eurovision by storm with Euphoria. She'll never release a song that good again, but it's very smart of her to release a new single during the week of this year's contest. And We Got The Power is pretty awesome, to boot! My first thought was that it's very much her style mixed with the style of fellow swedes Icona Pop... shouty and anthemic and huge without being a Euphoria rewrite. It's dance music with an organic, rock edge and it's exactly the type of thing she should be releasing now. Hopefully this reignites some interest in her, as I don't think her career has been managed all that well post-Eurovision. I'm certainly looking forward to her performances this weekend. Tomorrow I'll reveal my favorite song from this year's competition (and it's probably not who you think).

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