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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ola - Tonight I'm Yours

"It's you who dance for me"

With every single promo track, Ola Svensson is making a sturdier case for releasing the album of the year with his upcoming Carelessly Yours. I've always liked Ola's music, and rate his collaborations with hitmakers Tony Nilsson and Bassflow some of the best pop released in the last decade, With his past four singles, though, Ola has gone past being a popstar from a talent competition to becoming an interesting artist making mature, expertly produced pop music. His recent Swedish single, Maybe, was his biggest and most anthemic song yet, and Tonight I'm Yours follows suit. You know from the outset, with the surging strings and the pumping beat, that this is gonna be big. If the rest of the album lives up to the potential of these singles, we're in for something very special.

Tonight I'm Yours by Ola on Grooveshark

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