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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Josef Johansson - Hela Natten

There's one in Melodifestivalen every year. I'm talking about that jaw-droppingly awesome piece of pop that, for some inextricable reason, finishes towards the bottom of the voting line-up. I'm thinking about epics like Magnus Carlsson's Live Forever, Melody Club's The Hunter, Alcazar's Headlines and Charlotte Perrelli's The Girl. These usually find their justice on the charts, where they earn more success than they did on the show. Josef Johansson's Hela Natten is one of these cases. Honestly, I would have liked to see it win the whole thing. Perhaps if it hadn't directly been competing against Anton Ewald, it would have found more support. It's a gargantuan slab of pop music, complete with a background choir reminiscent of some of Michael Jackson's best ballads. Josef himself also seems like a potentially interesting pop star. I hope the track's success on itunes spurs him on to make more music, because if he can keep churning out masterpieces like this, the future should be very bright. Plus, on a selfish note, whenever I hear music this affecting, I desperately want more of it.

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Anonymous exefex said...

Excellent song, but terrible staging, which, I think, also plagued Martin Stenmarck's entry this year.

4:19 AM  

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