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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mando Diao - Black Saturday

"It's better than losing"

I'm very familiar with Mando Diao's singles run through listening to Swedish radio and some excellent remixes, but beyond those remixes, I've never really been able to connect with their music. I liked some of it, but overall it just wasn't my thing. However, this single completely changes that. I gave this one listen and my jaw dropped. They've really flipped their sound, which is pretty ballsy given the enormous success they've found in Sweden with their previous releases. They've gone from garage-influenced rock to total Billy Idol-inspired 80's new wave. I live for this stuff. To me, this single is a revelation. It sounds like nothing else on the radio at the moment, and if their upcoming album follows this sound, I'm going to be over the moon. Sweden does it again!

Black Saturday by Mando Diao on Grooveshark

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