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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Darin - Mamma Mia

"My body is losing control"

Another comeback from an artist that I adore today. After less than a year since the last single from his most recent album, Darin is back with brand new material. First off, I'll get it off my chest that this is not the musical direction I was hoping he'd take. After Nobody Knows, which I think will always be his best song, I realized that with his voice, pure euphoric pop is the perfect match. However, he seems intent to follow something more urban and trendy. BUT... with that said, Mamma Mia (which is definitely not a trendy title, by the way) is an excellent representation of his preferred sound. The Latin elements are just enough to give it its own flavor without making it feel gimmicky. And the vocals... the best male vocals in pop right now... are just as polished and perfect as ever. It's good to have him back (even though I still want another Nobody Knows).

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. Nowhere to buy the single yet. Follow me on twitter and facebook.



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