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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frankmusik - Go

"I'm only half the man you're looking for"

Frankmusik has just released yet another new album. He really is one of the most prolific pop stars of our age. As with anyone who releases so much in so little time (I'm thinking of Prince in the late 80's and 90's), not everything's going to be amazing. But, it's fascinating to feel like we've got kind of an open door to his creativity. The new album, By Nicole, might actually be my favorite full-length of his. Like all his albums, nothing stands out as being miles above anything else, and this has sort of been my main issue with his music for awhile. But, even though there aren't a lot of highlights, the album as a whole is consistently good, and always interesting. When trying to pick my favorite track, I had a hard time. There are some verses I adore, connected to a chorus that doesn't really do it for me, or vice versa. It's like a hundred amazing pieces of songs that I want to cut and paste together. This just might be the perfectionist/OCD in me. I mean, who am I to give songwriting advice, right? I ended up picking Go, mostly for its AMAZING verses. The chorus is good too, but just a slight disappointment for me after that amazing build-up. Also, listen to Stabilizher for a more upbeat track and the hyper-aggressive, awesome Fled.

Go by Frankmusik on Grooveshark

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