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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Austin Mahone - Secret

"Everybody's got a secret"

I've gotta admit, I am really impressed by the pop star that Austin Mahone is turning into. After a string of excellent singles, I was keeping my fingers crossed that he'd follow a similar path with his EP. And he did! Listening to this EP (well, album if you tack the previous tracks on) is like listening to a modern version of a Backstreet Boys or Nsync album. The producers (RedOne, in particular) have stuck with a turn of the millennium sound that's just old enough now that it's nostalgic.Yes, readers, What About Love was not a fluke. It's only one of the many fantastic 2000-style pop songs in Mahone's discography. In fact, adding it on as the second track of the album works wonders. The flow between 'Til I Find You and What About Love is tremendous. Secret is another song I want to highlight, mostly because it sounds like Everybody (Backstreet's Back), which is a great thing. Also check out The One I've Waited For for a spot on I Want It That Way pastiche.

In summary:
What About Love = Bye Bye Bye?
Secret = Everybody (Backstreet's Back)?
The One I've Waited For = I Want It That Way?
Can't Fight This Love - Larger Than Life?

Secret by Austin Mahone on Grooveshark

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