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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bade - Hide No More

"Hello, hello, c'mon"

Region restictions, region restrictions, region restrictions. I cannot tell you how much I HATE region restrictions. I've wanted to post this excellent track by Dutch artist Bade for months now, but every single link to the video has been restricted. Funny, because none of these links seems to have more than a couple of hundred views. Maybe more people would watch it if IT WASN'T REGION RESTRICTED. Why do you record labels make it so hard to be a music fan?? Ugh! But enough of that. This is an excellent, bubbly, catchy slice of pop that kind of reminds me of something ELO might come up with if they were just starting out in today's music scene. Today, you're gonna get an embedded a link to a video from some weird Asian site, because it's all I can find. Still, enjoy, because this song deserves to be heard worldwide.

Click here for the video

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