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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nawuel Dash - Rock-It

"I gotta rock it"

This song appeared in my soundcloud stream a few weeks ago and I was instantly smitten. It's so freaking funky! The production is aggressive and in your face and the vocals hug every corner. It's the type of track that's just an adrenaline rush from beginning to end. Nawuel Dash hails from Sweden and is apparently named after a My Little Pony character. I know nothing about that cartoon/comic, but I appreciate the nod back to the 80's, especially since the sound of this is very 80's-centric. My only downside? I hate when an artist releases something this great and then doesn't have any more music out there. It makes me worried that this song could be a fluke. Hope not, because I would love an entire album of this!

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Blogger Scott Stebleton said...

Well this was just a whole lot of fun!

2:08 PM  

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