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Friday, August 08, 2014

Spica - I Did It

"I don't care what you want me to be"

Here's a nice little oddball that neatly bridges this blog's English-language history and my newfound love of K-pop. Spica is a successful Korean girl group, though I admittedly am not too familiar with them myself, and they've decided to record an English language album for the Western market. The only other k-pop artist I remember releasing a full-length was BoA, but I'm sure there have been others. The thing about this language shift is that it usually results in pretty sucky music. This might be the single that turns the tide. The production, melody and (multiple) hooks are on point, sounding like a nice crossover between West and East. I still kind of wish it was sung in Korean, but the English lyrics are not bad and the pronunciation is pretty spot-on. Wouldn't it be exciting if this was a big success?

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