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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Fooo - Suitcase

"We got a home wherever we go"

I am loving how frequently we can count on a brilliant new release from The Fooo. I feel like we get treated to a new song almost monthly, and not only that but an accompanying dance video as well! No doubt about it, these guys are working hard. And as they firm up their rabid fanbase in Sweden, I can see them making huge inroads internationally in the coming months. Suitcase is another hiphop-inspired dance track from the guys. It's funny, because a lot of what I like about their music intersects with what I love so much about k-pop: new sounds, an ear for a bubblegum hook, sharp dancing and tons of swagger. I could do without the annoying schoolyard chant that makes up much of the hook in this track, but I'm still loving the song in general.

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