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Monday, September 08, 2014

One Direction - Fireproof

"Nobody knows you, baby, the way I do"

We've now entered the phase where a pop band like One Direction adapts or dies. It's an exciting time for pop-obsessives like me, fraught with potential danger but also unlimited possibilities. With their upcoming fourth album (and to a lesser extent, Midnight Memories from last year) we're going to see them either reach a new peak creatively and commercially, or begin the inevitable decline into obscurity. Let's face it, the latter is what happens to 95% of pop bands. While they've yet to reveal their new single, which I'm hoping with be massive and awesome, today the guys granted us an early look at a new sound with Fireproof, a free promo/album track revealed on their website. The song is a harmony-laced, almost psychedelic slow burn with an incredibly melodic core. It doesn't sound like a single, which is fine, but instead points to a willingness to experiment a bit with their sound. My hope is that we get a lot of different experiments on the album, without forgetting the sticky melodies the band is known for.

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