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Thursday, October 02, 2014

BeatBurger - She So High

As a writer and teacher, it's difficult for me to ignore grammatical errors. But, since this song is 90% not in English, I can forgive that wonky, apostrophe-less title. BeatBurger is the project of several producers that work for Korea's SM Entertainment. This song features the vocals of one half of TVXQ, though it sounds much more like a European house track than typical k-pop. I would expect this to come out of some place like Sweden or Norway. The soaring, yet gentle, melody compliments that surging instrumental so well. It's one of those tracks that seems a bit typical at first, but quickly reveals its melodic charms on repeated listens. It's certainly become an unexpected favorite for me, appearing almost out of nowhere to find a permanent spot on my ipod.

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