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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dami Im - Living Dangerously

"So tell the fear to fear me"

Let's talk about Dami Im and her astonishingly powerful voice. It's on full display in this track from her upcoming album (out Friday). It's the kind of voice that forces you to stop whatever you're doing and pay attention. Even better than that, Living Dangerously confirms that she's still walking down the wonderful lane of dance pop. I love soaring vocals over intense dance beats. This song is very dramatic and loud. It doesn't have many quiet bits, which could be a bad thing if the lyrics weren't delivered with such passion and fire. This is the Dami Im I fell in love with on X-Factor. I grew to adore Super Love and thought Gladiator was alright, but I think this is the first time an original song has allowed Dami to really let it rip. More of this, please! I'm not sure if this'll end up being the next single or not, but it should be.

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