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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

IIIII - People (ft. Adele Kosman)

"We are the information, the little things you want to know"

It's always exciting when a great new band or project comes out of (seemingly) nowhere. Now obviously, I'm sure the guys of IIIII (also known as Lines) don't feel like they came out of nowhere. But, they've certainly burst on the scene fully formed with one hell of a pop song. When I first heard People, I was reminded of when I first listened to MCMT's Time To Pretend. It has that same dense, kaleidoscopic sound to it while still retaining the melodic essence of a great pop song and a casual air of freedom. If that weird vocal sample at the beginning initially puts you off, don't worry. I had the same thought, but although its used often throughout the track, it's used incredibly effectively. More importantly, the entire thing's just a massive slice of anthemic goodness. Happy early Thanksgiving to my American readers! I'll be back on Friday.

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Anonymous Oliver said...

Great tune! Yet one of my favs this year

9:02 AM  

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