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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stig - Roy Orbison

Okay, this is kind of a random song today, but as I've been enjoying more and more Finnish music, I'm always browsing through Finland's itunes page for new tracks. This morning I just happened to run across this song, Roy Orbison, by oddball artist Stig. At first glance, I thought Stig was a lot older than he is, and was surprised to find out that he's only five years older than me. He's definitely got that weirdo Tobias-from-Arrested-Development vibe going on. The music, on the other hand, is divine. The synth alone is so cool, but the hook is also indelible from the first listen. The entire thing is smooth and polished and just easy as hell to enjoy. I find it funny that his wikipedia page lists his genres as hip hop, R&B, rap, country, and folk. This isn't any of those. Maybe a tiny bit hip-hop, but not really. I'm excited to explore the other things he's released.

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