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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat One

It begins for another year, and I'm honestly not sure what to expect because I just haven't been following the contest as closely as I usually do. The previews yesterday didn't knock me out, but then again they were ridiculously short, so there is still a lot of room for a pleasant surprise. I think what I'm most hoping for this year is a brand new artist that just takes the competition by storm.

EDIT: God, Conchita Wurst was such an awesome Eurovision winner last year. That was an epic contest.

EDIT: I'm not familiar with this Robin Paulsson guy, but I'm glad Sanna's co-hosting this year. I just hope it means a lot of musical moments in between the actual performers.

EDIT: Unofficial audience applause o'meter is not surprising. Eric and Jessica seem to be the favorites, with the weird opera duo getting some love too.

MOLLY: Awwwwkwwwaaard. She seemed a little.... drunk... in the opening clip? The song doesn't really do anything for me. It's just not my preferred style at all, although she's obviously very talented and it's well produced. The stage, however, is beautiful to look at this year. It seems a bit smaller, but with a lot of depth to it.

DANIEL: I liked his song with Pain Of Salvation a few years back, but that doesn't mean that these are the types of songs I want in this competition. And, this is not as good as the PoS entry. It's pretty, and fragile, and nice. But it's also just kind of... there. That stage, though!!

RICKARD and ELIZE: This is easily my favorite so far, but I also feel like it could have been so much more. It seems oddly lifeless on stage, especially when it sounds so epic on paper. I think it needed a higher tempo and much, much more impactful production. Wasted opportunity.

DOLLY STYLE: Oh my god, the cheese. Why do I love this so much? It's so STUPID, yet it has everything the prior three acts were missing. The lyrics are beyond cringey... so bad that they're somehow good. I would be shocked if this got through, but I'd also love it.

BEHRANG MIRI: Although this is not what I was hoping for from Behrang at all, I don't hate it. I love the production and the hook is alright. The rap, I could leave or take, which is probably not a good thing. Ooh, and that final chorus bumped it up a bit. For now, it's this and Dolly Style for me. (And they couldn't be more different, right?)

JESSICA: This is the song that made Jessica cry? Sorry, but it's pretty basic... an unending list of cliches. I like Jessica. She's given us some great pop in the past, but this is not her best. She'll probably take one of the top four spots on name recognition, but I can't say anything about this performance is that exciting.

ERIC: Unpopular opinion alert: Eric Saade has always annoyed me. I like some of his music, but his voice grates and his personality and facial expressions irk me. Still, this is a guaranteed finalist based on its weak competition alone. The song is actually quite good. The live vocals don't sound completely on-key, though. And "sting" sounds like "stink," so there's that...

My top 4, in a very weak heat:
1. Dolly Style (!)
2. Behrang Miri
3. Eric Saade
4. Rickard and Elize

My fearless predictions:
1. Eric Saade
2. Jessica
3. Behrang Miri
4. Molly
(Though honestly, I have much less confidence about this than I usually do)

Actual TOP 5:
Dolly Style (yes!!), Behrang Miri, Rickard and Elize, Eric, and Jessica.
6th place: Molly
7th place: Daniel

Good results so far!

EDIT: The Dolly girls remind me of E's The Girls Next Door reality series. Maybe that's why I find them somehow charming. I think Behrang's song may end up being my actual favorite this week, though.

To Final - Eric, Jessica (so, no surprise at all, then)
To AC - Dolly Style, Behrang
Out - Rickard and Elize

Final Thoughts - Boring heat, boring result. Sweden better do more in the coming weeks, because so far this is a disappointment.



Blogger Unknown said...

Had I wrote eric Saade's entry i would have really reconsidered the chorus. i too heard "Stink! It's gonna Stink so bad!" Actually loved the Molly song but liked Jessica also. The jessic asong also had some wonky lyrics where they were forcing it to fit the melody. I sadly liked Dolly Style - guilty pleasure.

10:09 AM  

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