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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MyName - Reason

I was vaguely familiar with Kpop group MyName before they released their newest mini-album last week. I had some of their Japanese stuff on my ipod, but never found a song that transformed me into a real fan. And while I like their new single quite a bit, the song that I can't stop playing is actually an album track. Reason, by all accounts, should have been the single. And if hip-hop weren't the newest trend for boy groups, it probably would have been. One listen to that propulsive, anthemic chorus and you know that you're hearing something special. It's really a shame that more people won't end up hearing it. The song itself has some of that Shinee Lucifer-esque breakneck speed in the melody, but it's tied to a much poppier structure and an irresistible electro beat. This year's Melodifestivalen could take a few cues from the incredible catchiness of the chorus, as well!

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