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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cross Gene - Watch Out

Despite not receiving nearly as much attention as they should, Korea's Cross Gene just released a pretty awesome mini album. The new single, Play With Me, is great, but the 80's influenced Watch Out is the track I keep going back to. It's pure nostalgia for cheesy bands like New Kids On The Block and Wham. The "step by step" parts following by the grunts (?) are seriously getting me through the week. I love stuff like this, and I love bands that aren't afraid to embrace this fun side of pop music. Cross Gene has been around for a few years but are still waiting on their big breakout hit. This kind of song, released just in time for summer, would be my prescription for success. If you like this track, make sure to also check out their single from last year, I'm Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man (an ode to Britney?), which practically samples the Spice Girls' immortal Say You'll Be There.

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