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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Brandon Flowers - Lonely Town

This is such a nice surprise. Even though Brandon Flowers' Can't Deny My Love was undeniably awesome earlier this year, I really expected it to be something of a red herring. I guess I just assumed that his upcoming solo album would be full of the now-boring sound that the Killers have been giving us for the past couple of years. Instead, he's gone and recreated the 80's. Lonely Town has such a specific sound and vision. He didn't just borrow trendy 80's elements like so many others do, but actually created something that sounds like it could have easily existed thirty years ago. If I was being picky, I wish that we heard that dramatic, beautiful post-chorus hook one more time during the song's running length, but I guess that just means I'll need to hit the replay button. I'm cautiously optimistic about the full-length album. I hope it's more like this and less like what the Killers has become as of late.

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Blogger atpatpatp said...

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Blogger atpatpatp said...

Nope... Or yep, completely agree about 'Lonely Town', but lay off The Killers' hate.

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