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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hyunseung - You're The First

Beast has very quickly entered into my top five Kpop groups, so I'm thrilled that yet another band member has released solo material. Hyunseung is the quiet, somewhat odd one in the group, but he absolutely comes alive onstage. His new mini-album is excellent, and was launched with this addictive single. Straightaway, you'll be hooked in by the beat and the catchy screams in the background. The hook is incredibly simple, which initially disappointed me, but I've since realized that its strength actually lies in its simplicity, particularly during that wordless dance break toward the end. The rest of the album isn't as uptempo, but benefits greatly with repeated listens. Hyunseung has one of the more distinctive and recognizable male voices in k-pop, and (despite the odd vocoder here and there) it's utilized wonderfully on the slower tracks.

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