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Monday, May 11, 2015

SungKyu - The Answer

As I've made quite clear over the past few months, I am an enormous fan of K-Pop group Infinite. In particular, their leader Kim SungKyu is one of my favorite Korean performers (if not my absolute favorite at the moment). Beyond finding his personality utterly charming, I am continually impressed with his powerful, emotive vocals. His first solo album was really, really amazing, and although I find the just-released follow-up a little slow in comparison, I'm so happy he's able to release another collection of songs as an individual. At times, his solo stuff reminds me of Savage Garden/Darren Hayes, which was one of my first entryways into pop music as a teenager. The Answer is a good example of this. It's nothing mind-bendingly new or unique, but it marries gorgeous vocals with lush, string-laden production and a peaceful, affirming melody. It's not the kind of song I'd always be in the mood for, but it does its specific job very well. It's just really, really pretty. A classic pop song... about as far away from Gangnam Style K-Pop as you could get.

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