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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Janet Jackson Megamix

Something miraculous happened over the weekend, just as my birthday was ending and Janet Jackson's was beginning. It's been over seven years, but Miss Jackson is finally coming back with new music this year! We don't know when it will be, or what it will be, but it was confirmed by Janet herself. Honestly, part of me thought it would never happen... and that would be okay. I mean, she's earned her legend status. She will likely never eclipse the music she made in her prime. That said, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this. Janet is my number one pop star. She's the one who ushered me into the world of pop music in the first place. She's the one I felt a connection to, and my adolescence is colored with her songs. I don't think there will ever again be an album run to rival the quadruple punch of Control, Rhythm Nation, janet., and Velvet Rope. It's actually pretty staggering how flawless those four albums are. If the new material is even a fraction of that quality, I'll be happy. Now here's a brief (but very well produced) megamix to remind us how awesome Janet is and will forever be. Enjoy!



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